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        About Us

        Business license publicity

        Business license publicity


        Business license publishing project

        Business license information



         Unified social credit code


         Name of name

         Shandong Huacheng Zhongde Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd


         Zhangbo Road Complex 126, Boshan Economic Development Zone, Zibo City, Shandong Province

         Name of legal representative

         Chen Weimao

         Registered capital (RMB 10,000)


         Paid-in capital (RMB 10,000)


         Type of company

         Limited liability company (sole proprietorship invested or controlled by natural person)


         Speed reducer, speed reducer, motor, pump, vacuum pump, slurry pump, servo device, mechanical seal, transmission equipment and parts manufacturing, sales, installation and commissioning services; general freight; import and export of goods and technology

         Date of establishment

         4 March 2010

         Business term

         04 March 2010 04 March 2060 04 March 2010


         Copyright ? Shandong Huacheng Zhongde Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.  鲁ICP备12011010号     Powered by www.300.cn

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