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        About Us

        Testing Equipment

        Testing Equipment


        The German Klingelnberg gear tester has a maximum detection gear diameter of 1000mm, the highest detection accuracy is level 1, and the X-axis development length is ±200mm.

        The company introduced the German advanced WENZEL LH series three-coordinate measuring instrument to carry out high-precision detection of the gear box body. The LH gantry series three-coordinate measuring instrument has the following remarkable features: the air bearing guide system guarantees zero wear and smooth operation; the workbench beam and the Z axis are made of natural black granite, so that each axis has the same thermodynamic performance.

        The rigid structure and the Y-axis dual drive ensure that the dynamic performance is maximized while maintaining stability; the body forms a stable and harmonious whole, and can be equipped with active shock absorption air cushions.

        The detection range of the Wenze three-coordinate measuring instrument introduced by the company is: 3000×1200×1000mm.

        Automatic carbon and sulfur analyzer, visible spectrophotometer, large metallographic microscope, universal material testing machine, impact testing machine, hardness tester, etc., can analyze and test the chemical composition and mechanical properties of various materials.

        The company has established a transmission equipment loading experiment center with a power of 360 test results, which is accurate, efficient, and scientific, and has reached the international advanced water level of 0KW. Each type of product has undergone a loading experiment, all sampling instruments adopt remote control, and the computer collects data and automatically level it.


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